Exercise Without Breaking Out

Exercise is indicated for everyone but for acne sufferers in particular. It ups the circulation, balances the systems in the body and is great overall. The problem is that sweat, combined with the dirt and dust that may collect on the skin whilst exercising can leave skin acne-prone. It is not just exercising out of doors that can cause an accumulation of dust – the gym can also be rife with bacteria that cause acne and dust. So, how do you exercise without breaking out?

Sweat is designed to cool your core body temperature – it also brings toxins to the surface of the skin so that they can be removed. In itself,sweating is not bad for you – it is when the exercise is over that sweating becomes a problem. If not wiped away, the sweat and toxins in it can block the pores. You need to get rid of the sweat as soon as you can.

For the ladies that use the gym to meet people, you are playing havoc with your skin by wearing full makeup when exercising – you may get a date, but you may also get a full-blown bout of acne. The only acceptable thing to wear on your face when exercising is sunscreen and this is only if you are exercising out of doors.

You should take advantage of the ablution facilities at the gym. At the very least, wash your face before heading for home – this way you have a fighting chance of combating breakouts. Getting the sweat and toxins off your skin will ensure that your pores don’t have a chance to get blocked.

Once you have cooled off, moisturize your skin. Your skin will benefit from the double hit of the nutrients in the moisturizer and the increased oxygenation because of exercise.

Always use a clean towel and clean gym clothes. Shower before you go home and change into clean clothes. Gym clothes and towels need to be washed every time they are used – the damp sweaty clothes and towel provide a great environment for bacteria. Should you use these same clothes or towels twice in a row, the bacteria will simply hop over to you. Also try to look for qym clothes in natural fibres and those designed for professional sports people. These clothes allow skin to breath and can help to draw sweat away from the body.

Follow the basic rule – sweat must be gotten off as soon as possible. cleansing your skin soon after having exercised will keep it clear and acne-free.